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Laurel Whisler


Laurel Whisler is Assistant Director and Coordinator of Course Support Programs in Clemson University’s Westmoreland Academic Success Program.  Previously, she was Coordinator of the Supplemental Instruction Program for five years.  Laurel enjoyed a fifteen-year career as a librarian, serving in such capacities as reference and information literacy instruction, music librarian, and administrative roles in liberal arts colleges. 


Laurel’s passion is empowering lifelong learners, supporting self-directed learning, and developing leadership among undergraduate peer educators.  She has given a number of regional, national, and international presentations about using communities of practice to develop leadership, build expertise, and foster reflection in Supplemental Instruction programs.


PRESENTATIONS - Regional, National, and International

Whisler, L. (2019, February). Entangled Learning: A proposed structure and process for self-directed learning. International Symposium on Self-Directed Learning, Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Whisler, L. (2018, October). Entangled Learning. Poster session for Clemson Teaching Excellence Conference sponsored by the Office of Teaching Excellence and Innovation .

Anderson, R. and Whisler, L. (2017, November). Bridging the gap between your research questions and student experiences. Presented at the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Conference, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Whisler, L. (2017, March). How to entangle your training program.  Presented at the 13th Association for the Tutoring Profession (ATP) Conference, in Kansas City, MO.

Whisler, L., Dickenson, S., & Makos, M. (2015, November). Entangling Your Learning: Harnessing the Power of Collaborative Independence.  Accepted for presentation at College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Conference, in Portland, OR.


Whisler, L. (2015, June). Implementing Entangled Learning in a Biology Course.  Presented at University of Minnesota Duluth.


Whisler, L. (2015, June). Communities of Practice for Peer Educators.  Presented at University of Minnesota Duluth.


Treuer, P. & Whisler, L. (2014, November). Navigating the 21st century with robust learning skills.  Pre-conference Institute presented at the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Conference, in St. Paul, MN.


Whisler, L. (2014, July). Embedding e-portfolio learning skills into a peer-learning curriculum.  Presented at the Minnesota Summit on e-Portfolio, Duluth, MN.


Whisler, L. (2014, May). Using community of practice groups to promote reflection among SI leaders. Presented at the 8th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction, Chicago, IL.


Treuer, P. & Whisler, L. (2013, September). Academic support for the 21st century: Innovative solutions. Post-Conference Institute presented at the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) Conference, in North Charleston, SC.


Blunt, A., Chen, A. & Whisler, L. (2012, October). Communities of practice for peer educators: A village within the village. Presented at the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) Conference, Reno, NV.


Whisler, L. & Robertson, M. (2012, March). Developing SI leaders through communities of practice. Presented at the North Carolina SI Leader/Peer Tutor Conference, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.






Whisler, L.,  Stephan, A., & Stephan, E. A., Stephan. (2019). Promoting metacognitive awareness in a first-year learning strategies course for cohorted general engineering students. Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. Tampa, FL: American Society for Engineering Education.


Stephan, E. A., Whisler, L., & Stephan, A. (2018). Work in progress: Strategic, translational retention initiatives to promote engineering success. Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. Salt Lake City, UT: American Society for Engineering Education.

Laurel Whisler, Molly Makos & Rachel Anderson (2019): Engendering Learning: Experiences of Peer Educators Trained as Entangled Learners, Journal of College Reading and Learning, DOI: 10.1080/10790195.2018.1472943

Whisler, L. & Treuer, P. (2017). How to entangle peer educators. Synergy 10.

Whisler, L., Anderson, R., and Brown, J. (2017). Planning for program design and assessment using value creation frameworks. The Learning Assistance Review 22(2): 59-74.




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