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In March 2022 Paul Treuer, a relative of Holocaust survivor Nelly Epstein Katscher, discovered that she had written a diary that documented her journey from Central Europe in 1939-1940. Paul hired a translator and established a community of practice who used the framework of Entangled Learning to explore and document their learning about Nelly's escape, its historical context, and what it means to be descendants of Holocaust survivors.

Community of Practice Members

How Entangled Learning was Meaningful

Paul's Experience:

Laurel's Experience:

"The importance of contemplation and reflection built into the Entangled Learning framework allowed me to integrate my background as a librarian and bibliographic researcher into our work. It also caused me to seek personal meaning for working on this history of another family. I connected Nelly's experience in Palestine with my own perspective on Jewish immigration and political trends learned through my family's history of being missionaries and educators at the Friends Schools in Ramallah, Palestine. For example, my great-great-aunt Annice Carter served in Ramallah at various times from 1929 to 1967, where she witnessed the British politics and the impact on the indigenous Palestinian people of the Zionist Jewish immigration. An uncle and cousin remain involved peacemaking efforts in the Middle East and in Palestine in particular. I value their work in bringing understanding to the difficult situation whose origin is part of Nelly's story."

Derek's Experience:

Domain Keywords

Family History
-- Weil Family - Brno, Czechoslovakia
-- Epstein Family - Brno, Czechoclovakia

-- Treuer Family - Vienna, Austria
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)

-- Israel - Emigration and immigration
-- Perl, William R. 1906-
-- Jabotinsky, Eri
-- Sakarya
Zionism - Israel

-- Betar
-- Irgun
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