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The 21st century is characterized by a unique set of powerful challenges and exciting opportunities to learners and educators. A new model of learning that is able to confront these challenges and embrace these opportunities is necessary. This model must be able to scale without scaling costs; it must be capable of providing a good education to all citizens at reduced funding levels. It must be a model that is agile and conducive to learning around rapidly changing knowledge and skills. It must also be capable of producing learners who contribute to solving complex problems facing all of us in the 21st century. Entangled Learning is an educational model that meets these criteria.

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What it is

Entangled Learning engages individuals in designing structured, self-directed learning, in groups in which they help one another develop deep learning around a specific interest. To learn more, click on the image above or the "What it is" heading.

How to Entangle

It is easy to Entangle learning!  General guidelines about the process will help get you started. Click on the image above or the "How to Entangle" heading for more information. 

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